These are images of migrant workers from Africa who harvest vegetables and fruits in Spain for the supermarkets in northern Europe. They earn below the minimum wage and live in deplorable conditions, in selfmade houses with no acces to clean drinking water and electricity. They are fleeing the difficult economic situation in their countries of origin and hope to get a residence permit for Spain and thus Europe. This takes place in an area of 30,000 ha full of plastic greenhouses, also called the 'sea of plastic', visible from space. It is the example in Europe of our destructive and wasteful food supply with degrading consequences for the natural environment and the workers. COVID-19 has drastically worsened conditions for migrant workers around the world, this is also the case in Spain. More migrants had arrived from Africa, because of the bad economic situation in their country due to COVID-19, also there was less work in Spain and migrant workers couldn’t return to Africa or move freely within Spain. As a result the 'chabolas' - the shantytowns of selfmade houses - are overcrowded. The UN has ordered to stop this tragedy and calls it a violation of human rights. It is the tragedy of the European food supply.
A migrant labor from Mali in te socalled Sea of Plastic, Spain
A migrant labor from Morocco in his chabola in the Sea of Plastic, Spain
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