Jet Budelman is concerned  on documenting social issues and human right violations in areas affected by sociopolitical tensions. She aims to bring attention to those who suffer from social injustice and civil unrest. She lives in the Netherlands/Belgium and is working worldwide, focussing on the Mediterraen and the bordes of the EU. In recent years she has concentrated on projects of refugees and migrant labors in the EU.
Her motivation is that history teaches us that it is important to have images and stories as evidence of the humanitarian impact of social injustice.

Before she graduated from the School of Professional Photography she did a masters in Tropical Forestry at the university of Wageningen. 

She also loves to make portraits of writers, philosophers or people she admires, often on film and in black and white.

Her work has been published in Newsweek, die Zeit, De Groene Amsterdammer, De Volkskrant, Unicef,Taz, New Statesman, New York Review of Books, Elsevier, Trouw, Human Right Watch, VPRO, Foreign Policy, NRC, Atria, among others

She is a member of de beeldunie