There has been a sharp rise in attacks against refugees and migrants in Austria in 2016. This trend took place in the political climate of the presidential elections and in the atmosphere of rising populism in Europe.
The Calais Jungle was the last stop between continental Europe and Great Britain, from which refugees and migrants attempt the short and often lethal journey across the English Channel.
Europe is confronted by the biggest refugee crisis since WWII
The area around Liege - Belgium is an old industrial site which at the beginning
This is the story of my trip to Java, where my father's hidden past lies.
What started as a peaceful demonstration over the planned demolition of the Gezi-park in Istanbul, evolved into widespread revolt after the violence police crackdown, with protesters expressing anger over the policies of Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan, who refused to listen to their demands.
A short impression of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, emphasizing on some landmarks refering to the revolution of 1989, leading to the overthrow of the communist regime and execution of the leader of Romania Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena.
In the early hours of 10 November, 1938, the Nazis instigated an orgy of destruction and violence against Jews