Netherlands, Almere, 15 May 2020
The chairman of the Abu Bakr mosque in Almere offers a rose to the far-right demonstrator, who refuses

Belgium, Putte, 19 may 2020
Despite the loosening of the lockdown the border between Belgium and the Netherlands is still closed for non-essential journeys. 

Belgium, Ravels, 8 may 2020

Belgium, Essen, 20 april 2020
Two colleagues and friends meet at the fence on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. The borders are closed because of the lockdown in Belgium due to the COVID-19 pandemie. The woman from Belgium has cycled 15 km to get here, by car it is forbidden.     

Belgium, Lommel, 5 april 2020
Teenagers meet their grandparents at the roadblock between the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. The grandparents live in Belgium and the teenagers in the Netherlands and are now divided because of the lockdown of Belgium due to the coronacrisis.