Netherlands, Amsterdam, 19 April 2017
Portrait of Dutch writer Carolina Trujillo with her dog Paco. She was born in Montevideo Uruguay.

Netherlands, Amsterdam, 19 April 2017
Over 500 people gathered Wednesday to protest the horrific treatment of gay men in Chechnya and to call the Dutch government to take action against it.



France, Calais, April 2017

Article in the newspaper AD about the Dutch volunteer Renke Meuwese who works in Calais where after the closure of the jungle a growing group of young illegal migrants from Eritrea and Sudan are returning to Calais to try to cross over to the UK. Their situation is dramatic, the police is chasing them, they live on the streets and thanks to the volunteers they receive some food and blankets. Written by Jannie Schipper.

France, Dunkirk, March 2017
Afghan refugees sleep and live in the kitchen at the refugee camp in Dunkirk. The autorities want to close the camp which is overcrowded after demolition of the jungle in Calais. It is not safe for minors and women. The refugees want to cross to the UK.

Tearsheet portrait A.H. Roemer, dutch writer.