Catalonia, Barcelona, 1 october 2017
An occupant at a primary school at the illegal referendum about the independence of catalonia from Spain.

Netherlands, Utrecht, 16 September 2017
The great South African Poet Antjie Krog at the Nacht van de Poezie.

Netherlands, Amsterdam, 21 August 2017
Hartjesdag at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. Originally a medieval tradition with cross-dressers and lots of food and drink. It was the only day in the year when the regular public could hunt wild deer (herts) - a sport traditionally reserved for the nobility. Today it is a festivity at the heart of the city at the Zeedijk where there is a large gay community.

Netherlands, Zandvoort, 31 July 2017
Pride at the Beach

Netherlands, amsterdam, 29 July 2017
Gaypride 2017